Deliberate Choice

Those are the words I have been searching for for some time. In a recent discussion with a photo student, we were talking about how digital photography has changed how people photograph their subjects. I told her about a recent article I had read about how people mindlessly take thousands and thousands of photographs and […]

Painting with light

DSC_1441.JPG, a photo by pgwilliamson on Flickr. My nieces were outside having fun with sparklers trying to “paint” a heart while snapping a photograph. Unfortunately I did not realize what they were trying to accomplish until AFTER they were out of sparklers. I suggested that we use flashlights instead to try their idea and guided […]

So you want to photograph the moon?

Okay, so tonight is the so called SuperMoon. A term coined because tonight’s full moon in perigee means that the moon will be closer to the earth during its elliptical orbit. Since it is full it will be big and bright. Is this ocurrance rare? No,¬†apparently¬†there are 4-6 SuperMoon per year on average. The last […]

Capo Testa

My niece is an exchange student on an island in Italy (poor thing, right?) and has start a weblog to document her feelings, experiences and travels while she is abroad. Being abroad is nothing new for her. She has practically grown up in Europe as her family was stationed in Germany for over 5 years […]

Bonaventure Adventure in HDR

In a recent conversation with a fellow photographer, we were discussing the over-use of HDR or high dynamic range photography. His description of HDR is “cartoonish” and in most instances I would agree. HDR toning can be applied in a variety of ways. but the basic application is essentially taking 2-3 exposures or brackets of […]

Creative Photography class at AASU

Another CP class has ended and it amazes me how much information these adults (and younger) are able to absorb in such a short period of time. Their work improves tremendously as the course progresses and it is fun to see the “ah ha” moments when they finally get some of these complex photographic ideas/theories. […]