Big surprises for Georgia botanical lovers

The main garden is located behind the administration building called Burnett Hall. It encompassed areas on both sides with a evergreen graden, and many floral varieties. The walkways of the main quadrangle are lined with greenery, flowers and trees as well. The International Garden has a serene pagoda style structure with a small fountain, benches […]

Savannah photographic field trips

Savannah has a vast variety of playgrounds for photographers. If wildlife photography is your passion, there are many refuges, sanctuaries and state parks within an hour’s drive or less. The images here are from a recent trip to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, located just over the Savannah River on SC Highway 170. There are […]

Depth of Field- It’s all in the numbers

One of the most interesting concepts artistically that my students want to achieve is called the Figure/Ground Principle. It is one of the Gestalt Principles. These principles were developed by a group of German psychologists in the 1920’s and determined how we perceived various visual stimuli. “Gestalt” means “unified whole” so in other words, it […]

Deliberate Choice

Those are the words I have been searching for for some time. In a recent discussion with a photo student, we were talking about how digital photography has changed how people photograph their subjects. I told her about a recent article I had read about how people mindlessly take thousands and thousands of photographs and […]

Top Mistakes by Photography Business Owners

Top Mistakes by Photography Business Owners

It is worth a read of MediaNovak Design blog on the top mistakes that photographers make in operating their businesses. If you are considering becoming a professional or currently are a professional photographer, take a few minutes and read it, digest it, and think about how you run your business.

Additional thoughts on Nikon V1

The more I shoot with the Nikon V1 the more I am impressed.  This spiny orb weaver was a tricky subject because auto-focus just doesn’t work- manual focus is the only way to go. Thankfully the manual focus feature on the Nikon V1 which has the electronic viewfinder makes this extremely easy. The OK button […]

A lens by any other name…

During my classes one student inevitably asks “what lens should I buy?” I try to tell them the important differences between prime and zoom lenses. For any photographer who is looking to shoot sharper photos, prime lenses are the way to go. If you don’t know what a prime lens is then this blog is […]

Painting with light

DSC_1441.JPG, a photo by pgwilliamson on Flickr. My nieces were outside having fun with sparklers trying to “paint” a heart while snapping a photograph. Unfortunately I did not realize what they were trying to accomplish until AFTER they were out of sparklers. I suggested that we use flashlights instead to try their idea and guided […]

Mother-Daughter Time

What better time to bond with your teenager than spring? After my Creative Photography class, I stopped by the house  to get my 13-year-old and forced her to put down the video games. I pried the guitar controller from her hands, grabbed some sports drinks and snacks and headed south to Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge. […]