Nesting woodstorks and egrets a wonderful experience May is a wonderful time at Harris Neck NWR. Woody Pond is the home of nesting woodstorks and great egrets. Throughout the refuge there are also other sites- baby alligators, anhinga, red-winged blackbirds, white ibis and even hummingbirds. To see stills from the field trip, visit my G+ or Flickr pages. 🙂   Advertisements

Mother-Daughter Time

What better time to bond with your teenager than spring? After my Creative Photography class, I stopped by the house  to get my 13-year-old and forced her to put down the video games. I pried the guitar controller from her hands, grabbed some sports drinks and snacks and headed south to Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge. […]

Bonaventure Adventure in HDR

In a recent conversation with a fellow photographer, we were discussing the over-use of HDR or high dynamic range photography. His description of HDR is “cartoonish” and in most instances I would agree. HDR toning can be applied in a variety of ways. but the basic application is essentially taking 2-3 exposures or brackets of […]

Early Birds

I was not the only early bird this morning inspired by the crisp fall weather. Several painters scattered along Laurel Hill Scenic Drive at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. Although it has been some time since my last visit to the refuge, I was thrilled to be back. It was too cool for ‘gators but […]

Happy Halloween my pretties…

I LOVE Fall! The colors are warm and bright. The light starts to change after Daylight Savings time (which, hello, is TONIGHT). I don’t have to wait until later in the day to get the beautiful long shadows and gorgeous warmer light temps. I also have lots of opportunities to use one of my favorite […]

Research on the internet…

So after spending quite a bit of time in my yard and loving the macro capabilities of my new Nikon P6000, I have been able to take a few more interesting specimens for you and identify them! The caterpiller that I posted last is a White-marked Tussock Moth caterpillar. The identification was made using […]

Happy surprises

One of the best things about having a small pocket camera, is being able to keep it with you at all times. Then you have it handy for when you see something really spectacular. Now, I don’t normally carry my camera with me when I take out the trash, but on this particular day it […]