The Ease of Identity Plates in Lightroom

It has been a long while since my last post. But I have been super busy of late with many different projects. The Book has been published! As a creative director of sorts, I spent many hours sorting, scanning, fixing, tweaking, etc. I even help write and edit. This was a big deal for me. I […]

Creative Photo field trip update

The Creative Photo field trip to Emmet Park/Upper Factors Walk scheduled for Saturday, February 8, 2014, will begin at 8:00 AM as planned. If there is rain we will go down to the covered portions of Factors Walk/River Street. Don’t forget your tripod, camera manual and plastic bags.

Top Mistakes by Photography Business Owners

Top Mistakes by Photography Business Owners

It is worth a read of MediaNovak Design blog on the top mistakes that photographers make in operating their businesses. If you are considering becoming a professional or currently are a professional photographer, take a few minutes and read it, digest it, and think about how you run your business.

Early Birds

I was not the only early bird this morning inspired by the crisp fall weather. Several painters scattered along Laurel Hill Scenic Drive at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. Although it has been some time since my last visit to the refuge, I was thrilled to be back. It was too cool for ‘gators but […]

Classes Confirmed

Received the proverbial “thumbs up” today. My classes are confirmed through Georgia Southern’s Continuing Education department here in Savannah. Classes will include Digital Photography, Creative Photography, Advanced Photography, Portraiture and Photoshop. Check out their website for more information and to register:

The importance of professionalism

There are so many individuals that consider themselves professional photographers. After reading another blog regarding the importance of copyright, (Protect Your Copyright: It’s the Only Thing You Have of Real Value) I got to thinking. Yes, I know that can be dangerous but while attending school, during my 10+ years as a photojournalist and as […]