The Ease of Identity Plates in Lightroom

It has been a long while since my last post. But I have been super busy of late with many different projects. The Book has been published! As a creative director of sorts, I spent many hours sorting, scanning, fixing, tweaking, etc. I even help write and edit. This was a big deal for me. I have had photographs published in books before, but I have never been in charge of coordinating all the art and taking photos. It was truly a labor of love. An Enduring Legacy: Savannah’s Sisters of Mercy & St. Vincent’s Academy, 1845-2015 is available in Savannah at E. Shaver’s, Saints & Shamrocks, or from St. Vincent’s Academy.

While working on the book project, I was also able to learn a few new things. I have been working on Adobe InDesign, Lightroom, Acrobat DC, and of course, Photoshop. If you are going to have an Adobe Creative Suite license you might as well learn all there is about the products to which you have access. I learned a great deal about InDesign from working with our book packager Janice Shay. Thanks, Janice!

As for Lightroom, I used features that I had not used before simply because I didn’t have need of them at the time. But I always go back to my favorites. One of which is the use of identity plates. In Photoshop you can add overlays, copyrights and such in bulk using actions. You create the file you want to add, create the action and voilá. In Lightroom, the same principle applies but they are called identity plates. The use can vary depending on the module you are using. In the Print module, I use them for applying copyrights and frames or other overlays with opacity. Here is a recent example from Prom…


In Hoc Sogno Vinces means In this Sign Conquer and is the motto of the Convent of Saint Vincent de Paul now known as St. Vincent’s Academy in Savannah, GA.

Notice the custom overlay with the antique In Hoc Signo Vinces scroll work and the added date span 1845 – 2016. I created this especially for my St. Vincent’s senior. Adding school names, logos, years, events, etc. are all possibilities.

In, Slideshow module you can brand or create an event logo to show on every slide in the slideshow. You can then export as a jpeg to create a book, export as a video for a keepsake, or export as a pdf for easy sharing…


The logo I created for Msgr. Nelson’s Golden Jubilee celebration is on each slide of the photo slideshow.

Identity plates can also serve as a way to added graphics and text to poster layouts and so much more. Have fun with them, experiment with text and graphics. You can also use them to brand your Lightroom program if you use it to show images to clients.




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