Exciting projects & Fall classes

Heritage Hall at St. Vincent's Academy in savannah, GA.

Heritage Hall at St. Vincent’s Academy in savannah, GA.

This year has found me very busy working on several large projects. The largest is a book project for my high school alma mater St. Vincent’s Academy. It was within these halls that I first learned about photography and spent hours in the darkroom experiencing the magic and the science.

I am honored that Sr. Jude Walsh, my former principal, and Loretto Lominack included me in this very auspicious endeavor. I serve as a contributing photographer and as the photo editor scanning and restoring historical photos of the Sisters of Mercy, the school and their missions.

Cabrini Fall Festival logo

Cabrini Fall Festival logo

I have also been able to dust-off my graphic design shoes and slip those on for an updated brochure for St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School and the logo for the Cabrini Fall Festival.

As the fall begins and school starts-up I am looking forward to the cooler months to be able to work with my photography students once more. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than when the lightbulb goes off and all the creative ideas and technical information we cover meshes. Small class sizes allow me to work closely with students for a more enriching learning experience.

For more information on upcoming classes, services and such, contact me at info@pgwilliamson.com.


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