New Year, New resolutions

Flckr_captureI never fail to do the same thing this time each year- make resolutions. Some I am able to keep, others go by the wayside. One resolution which should actually be part of our normal routine is organizing and backing up our photos, documents and other important data. My favorite site is Flickr for my photos. These can take up a great deal of hard drive space on your computer and computers do not last but a few years depending on how good you are at upkeep. Crashes are a reality and with that data loss. Flcikr makes it easy to back up all your photos and videos with 1,000GB of free space. Yes FREE. Unlimited space is a reasonable cost per year.

Even better news, the Flickr app is available on your iPad/Phone or other smart devices to Auto Sync all your digital photos and videos from your tablet and phones. Use tags to search for specific content and you will soon be more organized than you dreamed. Batch editing allows you to customize who sees what on your photosream and privacy settings can make you invisible to searches if you choose.Flckr_capture2

Flickr allows you to edit your photos on the fly. One of my favorite new features. Powered by Aviary (one of my favorite phone apps) allows you to change brightness/contrast, sharpen, enhance, tweak saturation, add frames, etc. all within Flickr. Once you have edited to your heart out, you can save as a new file or replace the original.

Flckr_capture4Click the row of three dots at the top of your profile to see a fly-out menu of choices. Click “Tags” to see the Alpha-numeric list of tags your photos already use. At the very top is a link with the number of photos that are untagged. Clicking that blue link takes you directly to the Batch Organize view and loads all the untagged images into the window for easy tagging in batches. This Tags area is also a way to quickly view photos with a specific tag. You see how many images are tagged with that keyword, and can edit or delete the tag. (Deleting the tag does not delete the image.)

Using wireless SD cards like Eye-Fi also allows you to automatically upload card content to site like Flickr. This makes back-up quick, easy and painless.



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