Senior Season



Another school year is underway and planning begins early for yearbook advisors. Of paramount important is getting those senior ads in and that means LOTS of senior portrait seesions for photographers around the country. There are a few tips that might help you soon-to-be grads get the best look with the least amount of effort.

Tip 1: Your clothese should not be louder than you. What? Busy patterns and neon colors will draw the attention away from YOU. Keep to solids and subtle patterns in a complementary palette of colors to you and your portrait setting. That way the everyone will see you first and foremost.

Two Faced Tinted beauty Balm is a great product for evening facial tones and hiding blemishes.

Tip 2: You sparkle and shine, not include your skin. Anything that is shiny will reflect light and create strong spectral highlights. Not super flattering. Try using a matte finishing powder on your face to help absorb any excess oil.

Tip 3: Afraid your uneven skintone or acne will break the bank in retouching fees? Not to worry. Try using Two Faced Tinted Beauty Balm Multi-Benefit Skni Care Makeup.

Tip 4: Stay cool! Here in the south, the temperatures can be oppressive even in early fall. Try scheduling your sessions for the coolest times of day and make sure to bring a small cooler with water to stay hydrated. Consider bringing an umbrella to create instant shade (it can also act as a light diffuser for your portraits if the sun is very bright).

Bare Minerals Warmth All-Over Face Color brings a sun-kissed glow to the skin.

Tip 5: Natural is always a good choice. Make-up fads come and go. If you want a timeless look, keep to a more natural make-up look with nude eye shadows, soft pink/coral lip colors and pale pink blush. Try brushing a darker shade of foundation powder (Warmth by Bare Essentials is also great) from temple around to the apple of your cheeks and along the jaw line to create a warm glow. Try dotting your eye-liner instead of using a heavy solid like. You will get the look of fuller lashes without the heavy liner look.


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