Great gifts for photographers

Photo Technique magazineDo you have a photographer in your life? Whether they are pros or hobbyists, these ideas are some of the best ideas for the upcoming holidays, birthdays or anniversaries.

1. Photography classes/workshops– continuing education for all levels is always welcome. If you are serious about honing your craft, check out Kelby Training, Nikon School, Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures, and Maine Photographic Workshops.

2. Photography books/magazines- Excellent book choices include The Digital Photography Book or The Adobe Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers (Covers Photoshop CS6 and CC) both by Scott Kelby; Digital Photography, an Introduction by Tom Ang; and Photography, Tenth Edition by Barbara London, John Upton & Jim Stone. Magazine subscription titles include PhotoTechnique, Digital Photo, or Digital Photo Pro. 

3. Prime lens- Prime lenses give the best quality image. If your photographer only uses the compact zoom lenses that came in their original bundle, upgrading to a 50mm prime lens will really make a difference in sharp, crisp photos. A zoom lens with a fixed maximum aperture (f/4 not f/3.5-5.6) is going to deliver better quality also, however these are more pricey. Stay away from gray market lenses. These are made for non-US customers. Gray market lenses are difficult to get serviced and are covered by warranties outside of the United States. Refurbished lenses are a great way to add to your camera bag at a lower cost. My favorite places to shop for refurbished lenses are B & H Photo Video and Cameta Camera. Both sites offer their own guarantees and extended warranties.

4. Cool gagets/accessories- There are so many gadgets & accessories out there. Some of the most useful include the Gary Fong LightSphere for amazing portrait lighting even in the most challenging of conditions. Another cool gadget for anyone wanting to get into video production with their DSLR is the Cam Caddie Stabilizer available at This amazing site has lots of gadgets for DSLRs and iPhoneography! You can also check out the Pocket Reflector and the Gorillapod.Photojojo's Cam Caddie


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