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Camscanner app for Android

Camscanner app for Android

Have you ever had to capture an image of a document, photo, receipt on the go? Just using your camera function is sometimes difficult at best. Next month I will be speaking to the Savannah Area Genealogical Association at their yearly seminar. Genealogists are a group of individuals who are faced with this dilemma on a regular basis.

There are some great portable scanners on the market bbut the price tag can sometimes be a bit hefty. Technology should make our lives easier, simpler, less cluttered in my opinion. So why not use the tools we already have instead of adding to them. Smartphone apps are a great way to utilize the technology we already carry with us constantly without having to carry a phone, laptop, camera, flashlight, address book, etc. Do you get where I’m going?

Camscanner is one such app that will easily scan a photo or document, crop it, enhance, convert to a searchable document using text recognition (pdf), file it, share and synch it. You can now scan, file and save all your business cards instead of keeping them in your wallet. Your business receipts will never get lost and your accountant will love you.

After using this app for the last 3 months, I am pretty impressed with the quality of the documents and images that I have scanned. The enhancements are usually pretty good without any tweaking. The auto enhancements can be individually adjusted if need be for the perfect correction to brightness/contrast.

In comparison to the small portable scanner which I also have, there really is only one advantage to the portable scanner- it does do a better job scanning items that are not completely flat or glossy photos that might reflect unwanted glare.

Camscanner has a free version that has ads and some limitation on features. However, you can get the Camscanner Pro app for FREE by installing the app, creating an account. Once you receive the account verification link via e-mail, click through followCamscanner on Twitter/Facebook and share the app with your friends on your social media site. Log into your app and you will be upgraded to the pro version free for life! Pro version gives you more storage space, all the features and no ads.

The edited pdfs are available through the app but can also be found in your media gallery as jpgs both in their original form and edited. Here are some screen captures from my personal usage, including a document scan and a photo scan all auto cropped and enhanced:


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