Ilford Offers Try My Photo Again

ImageIlford Galerie paper has been a staple in my supply closet for years. During my years as a darkroom printer, it was my go-to paper. Now as a digital printer, it has again made it to the top of my printing list. In my Digital Imaging Basics class we discuss home printing and the importance of using OEM products or better. This is especially true of the paper you choose to use in your printer. Ilford Galerie is a top of the line paper. When used in conjunction with their ICC profiles, printing will be an accurate and hassle-free experience.


If you have not tried this wonderful paper, this is a great opportunity to see what Ilford and Canon can offer as far as quality printing opportunities. Below is a portion of the email information and a link to the offer.

Exclusive to United States residents, Try My Photo gives you the opportunity to have one of your favorite images printed for free on either ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Mono Silk 270gsm or Smooth Pearl 310gsm media using a Canon PIXMA Pro series printer. 

To take advantage of the program visit  where you can find full details and instructions.


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