Deliberate Choice

One of only two images shot. Patience being the virtue here and waiting for the right moment to release the shutter.

Those are the words I have been searching for for some time. In a recent discussion with a photo student, we were talking about how digital photography has changed how people photograph their subjects. I told her about a recent article I had read about how people mindlessly take thousands and thousands of photographs and because they are digital it does not matter. There is no processing; there is no printing expense. There is no thinking or thought process involved sometimes either, just s click, click, click of the shutter hoping to capture “the shot.”

This was reflected in a quote that was posted on the billboard at Maycrest Hardware recently. It said, “Photographs are not taken, they are created.” My mind immediately screamed, YES! One of the reasons I encourage my students to use a tripod is to force them to slow down the creative process and make them think before they shoot. Not just about the technical but also about the creative. It allows one to really SEE what is enclosed within the frame of the composition, evaluate it as a smaller version of a finished image before releasing the shutter.

Today, I was reminded again of the deliberateness of creating when I read my e-mails and wanted to share this blog,  Deliberate Practice by Carolyn Henderson.  Her blog however is about practicing what needs work or improvement. The two may go hand-in-hand for some and for others it may deviate.  Whatever it might be for you, I hope you take my suggestion and slow down.  Less is more.



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