Additional thoughts on Nikon V1

Spiny orb weaver (Gasteracantha cancriformis)

Spiny orb weaver (Gasteracantha cancriformis)

The more I shoot with the Nikon V1 the more I am impressed.  This spiny orb weaver was a tricky subject because auto-focus just doesn’t work- manual focus is the only way to go. Thankfully the manual focus feature on the Nikon V1 which has the electronic viewfinder makes this extremely easy. The OK button easily switches between aperture control and the manual focus feature. Additionally, the manual focus zooms in tight on the composition to allow you to see if the subject is actually in focus.

Another little bonus that the electronic viewfinder does is shows the Menu inside the viewfinder. Shooting this spider with the sun shining down into my face made it difficult to see the LCD display. I assumed that I would have to use that to make any menu changes, but no. Nikon has made the Menu view-able inside the viewfinder making it that much easier to shoot and make changes on the fly. BRILLIANT!


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