Technical notes

Anyone who knows me might think that I am a techno-geek because I surround myself with al kinds of technology. But really, all I am trying to do is make my life simpler with the help of technology. Isn’t that was it is for? I read a book recently that described how the author was staying at a hotel and he wanted to connect to the hotel’s internet connection. “It’s easy,” says the desk clerk. With that one sentence, the author just knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

The same feeling came over me as I opened my Eye-Fi card just after Christmas. The instructions were a scant half page and the website offered even less information. I had flash-backs to the old Microsoft plug-n-play days when they had touted how easy it was to install new devices. In the beginning it wasn’t so easy. Neither was my initial experience with my new Eye-Fi.

The idea behind the Eye-Fi is that I don’t have to connect my camera to my PC or laptop. The card has a built-in WiFi that will connect to my home network and upload my photos from my camera to my designated folder on my computer. SUPER! I thought. No cables (I hate cables and cords). How convenient and simple and effortless is this going to be? Well, here it is three cameras and a one month later, I have finally gotten it to work without begging, cajoling and pleading! I tried it in my new Nikon D5100 (which is how I first found out about the Eye-Fi). Then I tried it in my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS8, still no luck. Finally, my favorite little go-to camera, the Nikon P6000, I put it in after clearing the memory folders and shot about 20 test frames. I walked into the office to see the little orange icon just working away already uploading the images to my computer. SUCCESS!

Now, if you are going to run out and buy one of these cool little gizmos, know this…they are compatible with lots of cameras, but check to make sure it will work with yours first. They do have an iPad and an Android app for uploading to your portable devices on the go which is even cooler. There are several card models to choose from so compare the features before you buy.

Last thing to know…DO NOT ASK ME FOR HELP. I’m not sure how I got it to work and if I can make it work with the other cameras yet. I am hoping I will. I will keep you posted. I am not one to call tech support, because I like solving my own problems. That’s just how I roll.


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