Early Birds

I was not the only early bird this morning inspired by the crisp fall weather. Several painters scattered along Laurel Hill Scenic Drive at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. Although it has been some time since my last visit to the refuge, I was thrilled to be back. It was too cool for ‘gators but the water fowl and coastal birds were abundant and I had quite a productive day with my feathered friends.

As I prepare for the Creative Photography Class at the Coastal Georgia Center this evening I am excited to inspire a whole new group of students. I want to show them everything but have to filter it so that they are not overwhelmed by the information.

One of the activities we will cover on our field trips is shutter speed and motion. Today is a perfect lesson as I shoot wildlife. Because wildlife is fast-moving, we need fast shutter speeds. Today I am shooting at 1/1000 of a second and higher. In order to achieve these, I have set my ISO to a higher number than normal for me. Typically I don’t shoot at ISO 800 on a really bright day because I have plenty of light. High ISOs are reserved for those instances when I am shooting in low-light conditions. But when I need more aperture/shutter combinations, I tweak my ISO. This is just one of those times. It allows me to shoot at a higher shutter speed and a mid-range f-stop so I can freeze the action and get decent depth-of-field.

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