I’ll take mine Raw, thank you

Lately, I have found myself being way too lazy. I hate to admit it but I am. I have been shooting almost everything as JPGs. Normally this is okay. For my family photos, or quick snaps, I find it works just fine. But when I spend a great deal of time composing an image and working to get the exposure just right- the perfect combination of aperture and shutter speed. The depth-of-field is perfect even and I then release the shutter. Later, I go back and realize, it is a JPG! Not RAW, not TIFF but JPG.

The differences here are not as dramatic because I cannot post a TIFF  or RAW file. The best I can do is post a PNG which is a lossless file type. The JPG file type is a lossy file type because it is compressed. Much like a trash compactor compressed trash into a smaller space, a JPG algorithm compacts the file into a smaller space on your storage card, hard drive or other memory device. What is lost is color richness, sharpness and definition of details- especially over time. Opening and saving the file over and over again more and more information is lost as the algorithm runs again and again.

Can you tell which is the JPG and which is the PNG?


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