Cloudy with a chance of creative therapy

So I set the old alarm for 6am without checking the weather for today and it was CLOUDY! I got up any, but not until 6:30 and stopped to get a coffee and breakfast sandwich before heading off to a new spot – for me anyway. It is in my own backyard and I have never been there. Terrible, right?

The Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge is located just before you get on the bridge for Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. It always reminds me of my good friends from grade school Charles Pinckney for whom the island refuge is named.

“Pinckney Island NWR, established December 4, 1975, was once included in the plantation of Major General Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, a prominent lawyer active in South Carolina politics from 1801 to 1815. Few traces of the island’s plantation in the 1800’s exist today. From 1937 to 1975, when it was donated to the Fish and Wildlife Service, Pinckney Island was privately owned and managed as a game preserve.

The 4,053 acre refuge includes Pinckney Island, Corn Island, Big and Little Harry Islands, Buzzard Island and numerous small hammocks. Pinckney is the largest of the islands and the only one open to public use. Nearly 67% of the refuge consists of salt marsh and tidal creeks. ” For more information you can visit the Fish and Wildlife website.

I was excited because the temperatures are finally cooler here in the south, making it much more comfortable for extended treks through the salt marshes and the wooded areas. I also wanted some new places to take my students for our field trips! Despite the cloudy skies, I did enjoy the right-brain therapy…

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One thought on “Cloudy with a chance of creative therapy

  1. Hey Paula, love your shots of Pinckney Island, especially the yellow flowers & the tree shot with the white flowers.
    Also, I am trying to get a group of us from Atlana Southeastern Photography Society and shoot Mom & Dad’s old homestead.The developers are planning to start developing sometime next year. You are welcome to come. I planning for Oct 15th or 22nd.


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