New projects & New classes

I am so excited about the coming Fall. 2011-2012 promises to be filled with new ideas, new projects and new classes! Yes, you heard me say it- classes. One of the colleges with a local branch has contacted me to start up my classes and we have been getting our ducks in a row, crunching numbers, getting our mailing lists together and making the usual preparations to begin classes as early as September or October, 2011. So check your inbox for an announcement and keep checking here for current postings as to dates, times and registration information.

As for new ideas, I was inspired by a scrapbook page I saw from someone’s trip to Italy and decided that Savannah was too beautiful a city not to be commemorated with its own memorial of sorts. This photo panel is available for purchase and features my own unique photos of my adopted hometown. It is also available as a scrapbook page for those who have visited and would like to include in their scrapbook. Contact me for current pricing information.

As to the new projects, the previous idea has led to a unique idea. Taking the same concept but rather than a city or country name, using a family’s surname or individual’s first name. Special events, such as a wedding, anniversary, quinceaños or graduation can also apply to the concept.


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