the perfect way to start the day

Our first photography field trip went great this morning! I was joined at Skidaway Island State Park by five of my students and had an invigorating start to the weekend and the day. This morning was quite chilly too, so we didn’t even need coffee.

We met at the head of the Big Ferry Trail and hiked into the longest of the three trails. I was most anxious to see how the area had changed since my last visit almost 25 years ago. Yes, 25 years! The last time I had been there was during a field trip with John Earl while attending SCAD.

Some of my favorite moments: having a big buck bound out of the trees near the Shell Midden and disappear into the dense stand of trees; finding the most amazing trees growing to the waters of Skidaway Narrows; and my most favorite- spending the entire morning with some great photographers!

These field trips will hopefully become a regular thing (except maybe during the hottest parts of the summer). As I sit here in front of a crackling fire, warming my back-side (it is still numb from the chill), I am thrilled with the outcome.

Thanks, Jimmy, Bubba, Liz, Susan and Mark…

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2 thoughts on “the perfect way to start the day

  1. Hi Paula,

    Mark and I enjoyed the field trip at Skidaway Island State Park!
    We hope there will be many more!!!
    Hopefully, this link will send you to some of my photos.
    Thank you,

    Susan's Photo shoot @ at Skidaway Island State park(361)


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