Just a thought…

As I was outside today taking pics of our cute little kitty, Oreo, I realized I had the white balance set on my camera for incandescent light sources. As I was reviewing the images I laughed, thinking that we used to get the same results shooting tungsten film in daylight. The results of my mistake were not unpleasant as it gave them an overall cyan wash, and it really accentuated the blue in Oreo’s eyes. However, the images I had already shot of the woodpecker singing as he hopped up a nearby tree were not very pleasing.

Now, I could spend hours trying to re-balance the images but then I recalled that Adobe Lightroom has the option to adjust tones, white balance, etc. In just a few clicks, the corrections were made.

If you have not tried Lightroom, it might be worth checking out. It can quickly and easily create catalogs which are like albums. It can export with copyright watermarks, export as Digital Negative files (.DNG), allows you to quickly and easily apply corrections to a quantity of images, add/append metadata and so much more.

I have not really explored all the possibilities, but Adbobe continues to amaze me at how it can deliver for the professional photographer. Workflow tasks are whittled down to size with no problem.

Another tool which you may have discovered is Adobe Bridge.  This existed prior to Lightroom and allows you to quickly and easily view your images before you even import them into your workflow. If you shoot in RAW, you can view and edit through Bridge and then bring it into Photoshop. These are two very similar products from Adobe but you may prefer one over the other, use both or neither.  As with everything, we each must find the path that works best for us as an individual. As I tell my photo students in every class, what works for me, may not work for you.

This is the end result of our precocious Oreo…


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