Happy Halloween my pretties…

I LOVE Fall! The colors are warm and bright. The light starts to change after Daylight Savings time (which, hello, is TONIGHT). I don’t have to wait until later in the day to get the beautiful long shadows and gorgeous warmer light temps.

I also have lots of opportunities to use one of my favorite pre-sets…Night Portrait/Night Landscape mode. The nice thing about this preset is that I can quickly get slow shutter speed and flash combination without fumbling with the controls or menus.

If you haven’t tried this setting, now is the time! Here are just a few of the great ambiance pics you can shoot…

DSC_2484DSC_9261Halloween 101

DSC_2105The only thing you have to worry about is how slow the shutter speed is.  The slower it is, the harder it will be to hand-hold and shoot. The flash will freeze anything that might be moving in the foreground, but the background might be too blurry because of the motion. You can eliminate some of this by using a tripod, bracing the camera against your body and relesing the shutter after exhaling.

Another way to achieve this type of ambient light/flash combo, is to use Shutter or Time Priority. This method allows you to choose an appropriately slow shutter speed (try 1/30 or even 1/15 of a second) coupled with your flash. Experiment with lower power on your flash in Manual Mode to achieve the best combination. You don’t want the flash to over power the ambient light!






One thought on “Happy Halloween my pretties…

  1. I definitely agree. After using this preset, I can’t get ENOUGH of it. I love every opportunity I get to use it, especially during the DAY! I am forever in low level light situations that are beautiful and I want to capture. The question is, “Did I bring my camera?”

    Yay Fall!


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