Research on the internet…

So after spending quite a bit of time in my yard and loving the macro capabilities of my new Nikon P6000, I have been able to take a few more interesting specimens for you and identify them!

The caterpiller that I posted last is a White-marked Tussock Moth caterpillar. The identification was made using This has so many great photos of insects and you can post photos and get expert advice on what is “bugging” you!

Here is my latest find…spider_02

This beautiful thing I knew was some kind of orb weaver simply because of the web, but what kind I didn’t know. By using a few keywords, I was able to find out about orchard spiders on wikianswers but the librarian in me needed to verify that information (editable websites or wikis should never be taken for gospel)…so back to where I did a little search again and identified it as a Venusta Orchard Spider or Orchard Orbweaver! Fascinating huh?

I love to research and learn new things. There is so much useless knowledge rolling around in my head. My kids make fun of me but you never know when you’re gonna need that knowledge. So keep shooting and keep learning along the way!


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