Holy comic book, Batman!

Superhereos in disguise.

Superhereos in disguise.

As I prepare for my continuing education classes that will start in September, I am shooting more and more with my classes in mind. Will this be a good shot to illustrate this or that technique? This is a great way to really think about what I am shooting and how I am doing it. This week I have been gleaning more knowledge about Photoshop and how to create some fun portraits. This is one of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to take an okay shot and turn it into something memorable! This particular shot consists of  five layers (add another two for the thought bubble and text) and three filters to create this comic book effect. I have tried a few different ways but this one is the most like a real comic book illustration because of the black line effect used on one of the layers. Other techniques create cartoon-like images that are closer to avatars than comic book characters.


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