Creative Photography class at AASU

Another CP class has ended and it amazes me how much information these adults (and younger) are able to absorb in such a short period of time. Their work improves tremendously as the course progresses and it is fun to see the “ah ha” moments when they finally get some of these complex photographic ideas/theories.

The last field trip was the most exciting as we worked on panning. A local marathon was about to take place in Forsyth Park and it provided some great subject matter for our experimentation with shutter speed. Using a combination of manual and shutter priority settings they were able to stop action, create the bridal veil effect and understand the limitations of their equipment.

There is no way I can impart more than 20 years of photographic knowledge and experience in 10 hours of class lecture, field trip adventures and critiques, but I think that many of them are well on their way. Without an understanding of basic photographic principles, there is no way they can fully comprehend their manual nor their automatic settings. I hope I have been able to convey knowledge and inspire them to continue to create!


6 thoughts on “Creative Photography class at AASU

  1. so nice to see a new blog entry and sounds like fun…p.s. i’m still staring at Tori’s portrait, and debating whether to add more color…but i hesitate as i kind of like the simplicity of monochromatic scheme…thoughts?


  2. your teaching has made a HUGE difference in my understanding of both the technical AND the artistic aspects of photography. thank you for helping me to build my creative confidence! don’t forget to check out my photo from advanced creative photography was chosen as their “daily click” on monday, march 10th.


  3. Yes, Paula’s teaching skills are awesome! I took her class about 6 years ago and remain in constant contact with her. She’s a wonderful friend also. I now need to take a refresher course taught by her; since so much technology has changed and I think we all tend to “get set in our ways” of doing things. This is a great blog site, Paula. Thanks.


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