Creative means to an end

Today was a rush of activity…I love working in the media center at SFCCS and seeing all the students, seeing what they are reading and answering their questions. Today was catch-up day though and I spent the morning shelving books and checking out those students who were able to come to Media. As the day wore on, I began talking to our IT guy, Jef. He has the ability to make everyone laugh with him AND at him sometimes. We began talking about computers, tech/geek stuff and such…so what’s so creative about that? Well, I contract with his company FGS Computer Services to create simple websites for his clients. I have been working on the first one for a few months off and on for James Smith Drywall Unlimited. Check it out and let me know what you think. As I get more inspired I am going to update the FGS website and my own website which is now hosted with Comcast. Ultimately, I will have my own domain! Does that make me a dominatrix??


One thought on “Creative means to an end

  1. JSDU?
    It’s slow to load. I think it’s form the slideshow-javascript.

    I think I would concern to the content first. How can the content can be very informative for site-reader. You can optimize the navigation to look more attractive to push site-reader to click for more information.

    Try using xhtml+css, to build site more semantic. And try to learn about web-design form the free template. You can get a lot inspiration form that. And begin to continue build the web.


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