Great new site…

I have got to say I LOVE the internet. It is full of people with a vast amount of knowledge. Of course, you can’t believe everything you see and read but for the most part, people are willing to share their time and experience with the world. Good case in point- Radiant Vista. “The Radiant Vista is a creative community of inspiration, passion, and grace. Together we pursue our dreams and explore our endless potential.”

Their Photoshop Workbench is bursting with videos that show you “how-to” do almost anything with your photos. Now, I have years of experience with Photoshop but this site makes me feel like an imbecile! They have really stretched the envelope with being creative. I am a purest though. With a strong photojournalism background, I do not advocate some of the extreme changes that can and are made to photographs (hence why you cannot believe everything you see).

Here is an example of changes I made to a photo using the portrait video



2 thoughts on “Great new site…

  1. ok this is a bit scary…i mean it’s a little “too” real…photoshop never ceases to amaze me…anywho…i don’t know why your blog roll is not displayed…i picked a template from wordpress and didn’t alter any code on it…it was just there? maybe try a new template and see if that works?


  2. EXCELLENT job on this one Mom! You never showed me this!
    It’s a little scary how much you’ve been improving on this and your design stuff in the last few months.


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