Hello world!

sm_tulip.jpgWow, a new forum for my creative juices. I am very excited about this new blog. Techno geek that I sometimes am, I still wait to jump in on ocassion. Surprised? don’t be. I am a mix of contradictions, just ask my family. Just a few words about me…I love to create. I think that is just one way we are made in God’s image. Creating to me is as necessary as water and food. Prevent me from creating and I will go insane and take everyone with me. There are some days it is a very short trip!


7 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I am happy to see that you are still doing your thang! I miss you sooo much. It is always nice to feel more in touch with you. You are an AMAZING WOMAN, Paula! I am proud of you and proud to be your sista! Now, go be creative before someone gets hurt!



  2. Paula, this is great! I still look forward to more classes and getting together with you for some wonderful discoveries that are waiting to be captured. Coleen


  3. I was going to comment on the other post…but it wouldn’t let me? just thought I’d give you the “heads up”…anywho…sounds like your really getting back into the swing of things with your biz…you go girl! btw…if you need one of my showpaks to package a print for the auction just let me know…when we talked i thought you meant you needed to know where to buy in bulk…hugs~ h


  4. HI Paula,
    took me a while to find this page but I am glad I finally did. I look forward to all you have to share. I love the fountain photo.
    I am headed to RadiantVista right now. I am in desperate need of lessons in photoshop. Thanks for sharing this page with us,hopefully I will see you soon in another class. I really enjoyed the basic digital photography class!


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